automated blinds

Everyone wants a home that takes advantage of natural light while remaining at a comfortable temperature. Sunlight streaming through a bay window can provide abundant light while generating a lot of heat making a room uncomfortable, especially on a summer’s day. Automated or smart blinds help you control the amount of light in your home by opening and closing your blinds at peak times of day and reducing heat build-up. During the cooler months you can program your blinds to stay open longer taking advantage of warm sunlight. The options are abundant and all up to you.


Automated blinds offer the same privacy and protection of traditional blinds with the added convenience of remote access. Uniquely designed to match any décor, smart blinds eliminate unsightly strings and cords which can be a hazard to children and pets and can get tangled or stuck when opening or closing your blinds manually.

Easy to Add to Your Smart Home Automation

Smart blinds can be integrated with other home automation systems and controlled though an app on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. They can be easily programmed to open or close at specific times of day enhancing security and comfort, and helping you save money on energy bills.

Unique features of Automated Blinds

  • Raise or lower blinds individually or all at once as a group with remote access through your smartphone or tablet. Access your blinds from anywhere whether you’re in the house or at the office.
  • Program blinds to open or close automatically at set times of day. Raise them in the morning just before you leave for work and lower them at sundown.
  • Using geo-fencing, your blinds will open automatically when you arrive home and close when you leave.
  • Solar/temperature sensors will lower blinds when the sun gets too hot and raises the room temperature, or raise the blinds letting in warming sunlight when the room get too cool. You can also integrate your smart blinds with your smart thermostat. As sunlight heats the house, the system can automatically lower the blinds cooling the room and reducing HVAC usage.
  • Smart blinds can integrate with smart lighting turning off interior lights when the shades are raised and turning lights on when blinds are lowered in the evening.

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