Central Vacuum Systems

Dream of the day you can stop chasing that bulky upright vacuum cleaner around the house.

Then a central vacuum system is for you. No more lugging a heavy unit from room to room and floor to floor. With a central vacuum system all you need to move is a light weight vacuum hose and cleaning attachments. All dirt and debris are removed from your home through a series of tubes inside your walls and emptied into a receptacle located in your garage or basement. The only time you see the dust and dirt is when you empty the receptacle.

How it Works

Unlike an upright vacuum whose power unit and vacuum hose are attached, a central vacuum system has a permanent power unit in one location with access points in every room. The central power unit in a central vacuum system is placed in an out of the way location such as a basement, garage, or utility room. Tubing runs through the walls from the power unit to inlet valves located in each room of the home. When you’re ready to clean simply attach the vacuum hose to the inlet valve in that room and flip a switch on the hose or at the inlet to power your vacuum.

Benefits of a Central Vacuum System

Convenient – No more dragging a heavy vacuum around the house or tripping over power cords central vacuum systems allow you to insert your vacuum hose into conveniently located inlet valves throughout your home. Clean up is easier too.

Better Cleaning – Central vacuums are more efficient and three to five times more powerful than upright vacuums. Because the power unit is permanent and not portable, it can have a larger and more powerful motor. More power equals better cleaning.

Increases Home Value – A central vacuum system can add $2,000 or more to the value of your home.

Quieter – Since the power unit is located in a garage or basement, central vacuum systems are quieter than traditional vacuums.

Healthier Air – With a central vacuum system dust and debris is carried out of the room through tubing in the walls to the out-of-the-way receptacle eliminating the re-circulating of dirty air inside your home.

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