Do Decoy Security Cameras Work?

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Do Decoy Security Cameras Work?
by Justin Laswell

Are Fake (Decoy) Cameras worth it?


You may think that the mere presence of a security camera will deter a burglar. You may be considering your budget and think, do I really need a whole live security system when the sight of a stand-alone camera may do the trick of scaring them away?

Well, using decoy cameras can be unsafe for many reasons, let’s look at a few of those reasons now.

They look fake

Quickly looking at a decoy can fool the average joe, but a seasoned criminal can spot a fake camera from a mile away. Looking at the constant blinking light, incorrect wires, plastic casing, and no branding labels are dead giveaways that you have a cheap dummy camera installed. Once these are noticed, your home is an even bigger target because they assume that you have no true security in place at all.

You’re probably wasting your money

If your camera system does not deter the criminal, then you have wasted all the money you spent on the decoy cameras. You will have nothing to show for it either, no video evidence to show to the police or see who was on your property. Without this video footage, there is a much higher chance your crime will go unsolved.

No peace of mind

One of the key benefits of a professionally installed camera system is knowing you have peace of mind that you are properly monitored. You can view live feed footage anytime, anywhere right from your phone. Decoy cameras provide zero peace of mind and make your home an even bigger target to a seasoned criminal.

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