Things to Consider When Shopping for Home Security Systems

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Things to Consider When Shopping for Home Security Systems
by Justin Laswell

Choosing a smart home security system can be overwhelming. Actually, every manufacturer and service provider always claims to have the best products and services. So how do you ensure that you end up with the best?

You need to consider how well the system meets your security needs and whether it will work with the other systems in your home. In addition, an ideal smart home security system should have high levels of encryption to prevent external interference.

In that case, let us look at some of the crucial factors you need to consider when shopping for a smart security system and service providers.

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System Features

Picking one smart home security system from the saturated market isn’t as simple as going for the cheapest or the most expensive. You must ensure that the system you choose has features that meet your security needs.

As you shop around, always answer the question, “What do you need the system for?”

A smart home security system may help regulate temperature, control the lights, and detect smoke or water leakage.  In addition, a smart home security system can incorporate smart door locks, or pool perimeter safety systems.

Therefore to make it simple for you, you need to first consider the features you need from a smart home system before deciding on a provider.

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Smart Home Integration

Another factor you need to consider is whether the system is compatible with the other systems in your home.

Ensure that your system is compatible with your phone, smart doorbell, thermostat, existing security cameras, and other systems in the home. It is hard to control all the systems in your home if they aren’t in sync.  Consider whether it is possible to control all of them with one app, or you will need a host of apps.



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System & Software Vulnerabilities

Some smart devices may not implement encryption fully, even if they advertise the use of encryption. Lapses in encryption leave you open to possible disruptions or possible intrusions (‘sniffing’).

Consider how well the smart system software stays up to date, is it automatic or do you have to download patches? An excellent security device or system will notify you of pending updates or one that automatically updates itself.

Smart home devices have software vulnerabilities just like smartphones, tablets, or PCs. You can do an online search on the device model and check for published vulnerabilities and how many have been fixed.

Timely updates will, however, keep smart devices functioning properly and reduce vulnerability.

Be sure to opt for a system that allows you to change the password on installation.

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Contract Requirements

When choosing your smart home security service provider, you must consider your desired engagement.

Most providers require some sort of contract period, ranging anywhere from 1 to 5 years, often with higher discounts for longer commitments. Be sure to read the agreement papers and understand what you are committing yourself to.

For example, almost all security agreements state that the alarm company isn’t an insurer.

Ensure you know if the agreement allows for a 100% refund in case the services they offer don’t meet your security needs.  You also need to be aware of cancellation notice requirements and allowances.

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Wireless vs. Wired Systems

Another crucial thing you need to consider when shopping for home security and a smart system is whether you need a wired or wireless connection.

Wireless systems use batteries that make the installation process less tasking.

When you opt for a wireless system, you need to go for one that is power efficient. For example, some cameras can run for 6 months on a single charge.

However, you need a system that informs you promptly when the battery is low. Consider how the system handles situations of a low or dead battery.

On the other hand, wired systems will require professional installation. The system is continuously powered unless there is a power blackout.

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Cost is one of the primary factors homeowners consider when shopping for a security system.

Not all cheap products are of inferior quality, and not all expensive ones are of high quality. Nevertheless, cheap systems will rarely offer high-quality services, ongoing support or professional monitoring.

Costs vary from one provider to another and from package to package.

Some providers charge an activation and/or installation fees while others don’t. In addition, some home security systems require that you sign long-term contracts while others don’t require any contract.  All-in costs usually vary based on the differences in these aspects.

Again, ensure you read the agreement and understand all points fully, especially the possible costs of cancellation and reinstallation.


In conclusion, there are many things to consider when shopping for a smart home security system and service provider.

With numerous options on the market, it is essential to research and find a system that best fits your needs and budget.

Read what previous customers said, compare prices, and ask questions to find the perfect system for your home.


The Bottom Line


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