How Automatic Door Locks Add Extra Security for Your Home

automatic door lock

When it comes to securing your home, you have various options to choose from. Automatic door locks are becoming increasingly popular for homeowners, as they offer some benefits that traditional locks cannot. 

Automatic locks provide an added layer of automation & security, and convenience, making them an ideal choice for any homeowner.

The smart lock is one of the most popular smart home devices. Automatic locks connect to the Wi-Fi network built into your home to remotely lock and unlock your doors. This improves your home’s convenience and security.

Learn more about some of the benefits they provide over traditional key systems and the most frequently asked questions.

Automatic Locks as an Extra Layer of Security 

A smart lock might be a good purchase if you want to ensure that your family and home are always safe.

You can lock and unlock your doors with an automatic lock using the keypad on the lock or your smartphone without having a physical key nearby.

This eliminates the need to make copies of all the keys and conceal them in obscure locations like the doormat, flowerpots, and fake rocks.

Improved Entrance and Remote Access

If you despise searching through your bag while juggling kids, backpacks, and pets to find your keys, you’ll appreciate the ease of a keyless entrance.

With smart locks, you may lock and open your doors without a physical key by utilizing the lock’s keypad or a smartphone. Inviting guests and family members into your home is as easy as tapping an icon on your smartphone.

You won’t need to worry about looking through your bag for your keys or shelling out money for extra keys for family members and guests.

Scheduling Times for Locking and Opening the Doors 

It’s simple to forget to lock the doors when you leave the house when your schedule is jam-packed with obligations to your family and career.

However, Wi-Fi smart locks allow you to schedule times when doors automatically lock and unlock. You may set your home security system, for instance, to lock at eight in the morning. (when you leave for work) and unlock them at 3 p.m. (After the kids arrive home from school).

Additionally, if a door is left unlocked, smart locks can text you to let you know, decreasing the possibility of a break-in while you are away from home.

Preventing Lock-Picking Attempts

Time is a vital factor for thieves. According to a study, no burglar will try to enter a house for more than four to five minutes.

Finding the appropriate code combination in less than five minutes is nearly difficult, given that the likelihood of someone guessing the right four-digit PIN is 1 in 10,000, or the same as getting struck by lightning.

A password-protected entry is a great approach to increase the security of your front door and prevent robbers due to all of this.

Increased Kid Safety

Are you worried about how safe your kids will return from school? Everyone who enters and leaves your home, including your kids and the babysitter, is always brought to your attention.

You won’t have to worry about little kids losing their keys, either. Give them a unique code to access and leave the house.

If you want to make checking in even easier for your kids, pick a smartphone with a biometric or fingerprint scanner.

Reliability When Traveling Far from Home

You may now easily protect your house while traveling overseas. Thanks to keyless door locks, you can operate your front door at work, away from home, or on the other side.

You can make temporary access codes for babysitters, petsitters, and visitors so they can come and leave anytime they want.

Smart Locks Outlast Conventional Key Locks 

Metals like brass, satin nickel, and steel make conventional locks like door knobs and deadbolt locks.

Although these materials may last many years, constant use eventually causes standard key locks to malfunction. Usually, by the time we realize it, we have already called the locksmith and are at the front door.

The good news is that thanks to smart locks, you can stop using expensive backup keys and making late-night calls to locksmiths.


Automatic locks for your home offer many important benefits that far outweigh their initial cost. Not only do they add a layer of security to your home, but they also provide convenience and peace of mind. Automatic locks are also extremely durable and require minimal maintenance. 

Additionally, they are easy to install and integrate with existing security systems. Automatic locks are an intelligent solution by security companies in Louisville, KY, for any homeowner looking to upgrade their home security and technology.

We at Laswell Security & Automation in Louisville, Kentucky, are experts in business security systems. Contact us so we may assess your specific security requirements and offer a tailored solution for automatic door locks!

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