Why You’ll Love Automatic Door Locks for Your Home

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Why You’ll Love Automatic Door Locks for Your Home
by Justin Laswell

Going keyless may be the next best thing you can do for your home security. As such, we’ve got some information on automatic door locks that you should know about. 

Perhaps it’s time you get to know more about this smart technology. Read on to know why you’ll love automatic door locks for your home.

The 5 Types of Automatic Door Locks

There are various advantages to using automatic door locks in homes and businesses. To restrict admission to and egress from certain regions, programmable entryway locks can support frenzy, delay, entrance position sensor, and fire alert frameworks. The following are examples of automatic door locks:

1. Electric Deadbolt

These locks are seen on high-security doors as well as huge cabinets. The great majority of access control solutions are compatible. Deadbolt door locks eliminate the necessity for rekeying and repairing worn-out manual deadbolts.

2. Electric Strike

A fail-safe electric strike door lock is powered by 12 volts or greater. In the absence of power, electric strikes lock or unlock. Buzzers are then used in modern door locks. Buzzing locks provide additional security when entering a multi-room building is physically impossible.

3. Electromagnetic

Magnetic door locks are made out of electromagnets and armature plates. Door locks are drawn to electromagnetic fields. Passing magnetic fields lock and unlock doors electronically.

4. Magnetic Shear

Magnetic shear door locks are an appealing and reliable security option for both business owners and households, especially since they are compatible with almost all types of doors. These locks can be fitted in the door frame vertically or horizontally.

5. Wireless 

To access wireless automatic door locks, use your smartphone, tablet, or other internet-enabled devices. You can also program automatic door locks.

What You Can Get from Automatic Door Locks

Automatic door locks have an impact on the security and convenience of a home or business. It can deter robbers and trespassers from your property. You also no longer need to be worried about the illegal copying of keys or lost or stolen keys.

The ability to enter and exit without a key is perhaps the most significant benefit of an electronic door lock. There are no keys, period. No fumbling with keys in the dark, no calling a locksmith when you’re locked out, and no frantic search for keys in a hurry. To gain access, simply enter your PIN on the keypad.

Here’s what you can get from automatic door locks:

  • Heightened Security

Electronic door locks are resistant to picking and knocking. Traditional locks are vulnerable to bolt picking and bolt knocking, the latter of which leaves no proof of a confined area, making insurance claims more difficult to establish.

  • Stability and Durability

Traditional locks may deteriorate after extended or vigorous use. Thankfully, automatic door locks are meant to be long-lasting and durable.

  • Programmed Locking

Timed access control is provided by keypad locks. To manage representative access to specific site areas, entrepreneurs can set up periods for protected or open inquiries. Mortgage holders can lock their doors every night without having to make changes every day.

  • Ensured Kid-Safety

A keypad lock eliminates the need for your child to keep a house key if they arrive home from school before you. During a hectic school day, it is easy for a child to misplace or lose the home key. If they are locked out of the house when they get home, this poses a health risk. Your child can use their personal security code and a keypad lock to unlock the entrance door.


Having smart technology for your home security can do wonders for your peace of mind. With automatic door locks, you can protect yourself and your family without having to worry about key loss, break-ins, and more.

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