Professional Monitoring – What Does it Mean?

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Professionally Monitored Security

March 19, 2021
by Justin Laswell

Professional Security Monitoring: What Does It Mean?

A home security system is only as reliable as the monitoring center watching over it. If your home security system does not have a 24/7 monitoring system, then, regrettably, you are not always protected. This is simply unacceptable now that technology in the home security system industry has become so sophisticated. But what exactly does 24/7 monitoring mean for homeowners?

You have solid, full-time protection.

No matter the day or time, you will have peace of mind with 24/7 professional monitoring. Let us suppose your home security system alarm goes off at 4 a.m. in the morning, and you do not disarm it. When this happens, your system’s monitoring team will call to find out if something is wrong and send help if needed. So, no matter what, you are covered.

Trained professionals are on your side when you need them.

If your home security system has a 24/7 monitoring center with highly trained specialists, they are there to support you when you need them and know exactly what to do when every second counts. LEC Services has one of the most trusted monitoring teams around.

You’re not alone when it comes to your safety.

A superior home security system will connect you to a monitoring team of professional that are trained to stay on the phone with you until help arrives. This way, you do not feel like you need to handle a possible frightening situation alone.

The monitoring center is prepared.

You may be pondering, “What if the power goes out at the monitoring center?” The most advanced monitoring centers (like LEC has) have something called monitoring redundancy. With this, they have already planned for emergencies such as power outages. When it comes to your safety, they are 100% prepared for every situation.

Criminals should not be able to disconnect you from help.

Hopefully, you have chosen a home security system with both WiFi and cellular connectivity, like LEC’s most popular option. This prevents intruders from disconnecting you from the monitoring center associated with your system.

Your home is protected from more than just the typical criminal burglaries.

Burglaries are not the only thing your home security system should be monitoring. For example, LEC’s professionally monitored Carbon Monoxide, Smoke and Heat Sensors will identify deadly threats and send help instantly if needed. Another example would be flood sensors which can also alert you in a time of need.

The responsibility should not be on you.

Some DIY home security systems are “self-monitored,” meaning that when your alarm is activated, you are the one who will have to call for help. This solution is challenging because, in many cases, calling for help when you are in danger is just not a realistic solution. Take this example, you could be unconscious from Carbon Monoxide poisoning and unable to call anyone. When you are in danger, you need your home security system you invested in to ensure that help comes as soon as possible, without any barriers.

When you are looking for a new home security system, make sure you pick one with 24/7 professional monitoring like LEC Services. Our team is ready to quickly respond when emergencies arise, no matter the day or time. Therefore, our customers feel safe when LEC Services is on their side.

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