Five Reasons You Need a Home Security System with Remote Access

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Remote Access System benefits

March 25, 2021
by Justin Laswell

Five Reasons To Consider Remote Access Security for Your Home

Remote access gives you the ability to manage your home security system utilizing an app on your smartphone, tablet or even computer, from anywhere in the world. This technology lets you remotely manage your alarm, control smart home devices like door locks, lights, and thermostats, and monitor a live feed from your cameras. You can set up notifications based on your desired preferences. We will dive into the top five benefits of having remote access on your home security system.

1. Always Being Aware of What’s Going on in and Around Your Home

Whether you are at work, on a trip, or out to dinner, remote access can be the utmost convenience to you. Simply using your smartphone, you can check your home’s temperature, alarm, door lock, plus much more. With this technology, you can even fix the issues directly from your device. Example: have you ever forgotten to lock your door? No issue any longer, simply press a button on your phone and the door is locked.

Smart door locks also allow you to know who is coming in and out. Give each member of your household a unique key code, and your smartphone will alert you to let you know who unlocked it.

If someone shows up at your front door without a code and you are away from your home, you can check out who is there and speak to them directly through your video doorbell. Maybe it is a delivery man or a friendly neighbor, but if it is someone you trust, simply unlock the door for them remotely. This saves you precious time and no more leaving work early for deliveries!

2. Save Yourself Some Money

Energy bills are expensive so we say let us save money where we can! Yes, you can save money, but did you know it is also beneficial for the environment?  Our Qolsys smart thermostat with Z-Wave technology allows complete control of your home’s temperature from everywhere using your smartphone.

You can monitor your energy usage which saves you money, but another huge advantage is coming home to your perfect temperature every day.  Some smart thermostats, such as the one we provide, also allow you to program a temperature schedule based on your preferences, so you never have to be concerned about changing it.

3. Allow Temporary, Supervised Access for Service People, Family, and Friends

Do you ever have people that need temporary access to you home, but you do not want to give them a key – example: dog walker, handyman, babysitter? Well, worry no more, you can give them a temporary passcode to your smart door lock, remotely disarm the alarm system for them, and watch them with surveillance cameras all in one simple to use app. You can even talk to them through your camera that has two-way audio. Do you have areas you do not want accessed? We can even setup sensors to notify you if they have been.

Once the person leaves, you can disable their key code so it cannot be used again until the next time you authorize it. With this process, no one can access your home without your knowing giving you back your peace of mind!

With these smart home devices, you no longermust rush home to let someone in, leave a key under the doormat for a potential criminal to find, or leave your furry friend home alone for too long.

4. Add an Extra Layer of Security While You’re Awayfrom Your Home

An alarm system and 24/7 monitored security system by LEC will catch an intruder and protect your home, but the main objective is to prevent this type of event altogether. An excellent defense would be a yard sign that lets people know you have a home security system monitored by LEC, however there are other effective ways to discourage burglars with our remote access feature.

Majority ofcriminals will choose an empty home to intrude. One thing they may look for is when all the lights are off for aprolongedperiod. Leaving all your lights on would work but will significantly increase your electric bill. With smart lighting, you can turn the lights on and off remotely, giving the idea to potential burglars that someone is in the house even if they are not.

5. Have the Peace of Mind You Deserve

Every advantage of a home security system installed by Laswell Security & Automation with remote access comes back to one ultimate benefit: the peace of mind you deserve. No matter where you are, you always have access and control of your home. Whether you have children, elderly parents, or a pet waiting for you at home, you can always check up on them and rest assured they are safe.

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