Home Security Checklist – Louisville

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Home Security Checklist – Louisville
by Justin Laswell

Are you missing something in your home security? In this article, we’re going to look at some of the ‘low hanging fruit’ items to review in your home.

Keeping your house and family safe should be your first priority. It may seem a daunting task, but safety starts with awareness, and awareness starts with you. This article and our accompanying Home Security Checklist will guide you if security upgrading is required or if you need new safety items.

Home security checklist for Louisville

An important step in preventing home robbery and other crimes is scrutinizing your property.

You will want to have one individual safety measure for each area to protect your home from intruders. However, all your home’s security devices can be linked together through one central system.

The security components will react to one another, and you can control all of them through an app or your central control panel.

Security starts with access, are your doors a weak point?

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A door lock with keys in it

Monitor exterior doors

Check your possible entry points, such as doors, to know if they are secure because their security is often overlooked or taken for granted.

Be sure to assess the locks of your doors, especially your sliding glass doors.

Further, look if door hinges work fine or if the deadbolts need changing.

Don’t hide your keys outside under a foot mat or beneath a potted plant. Though this method of sharing access is antiquated, far too many people still rely on it, and burglars know this trick.

It’s better to have a copy of your house key, which you can give to your trusted friend or someone from your neighborhood.  Better yet, upgrade to Smart Door locks to take the physical key out of the equation.

Do you have a peephole in a traditional door to see who’s there?  If not, it may be time to consider adding a video doorbell so you can not only interact with people at your door when you’re home, but also when you’re not.

Assess the lock systems of your shed and detached garage doors. If they are not working, your car and any valuable items inside are prone to security risks.

But why install individual security when you can have a “one-point” system to cover all your home security.

Solution: Monitored cameras, motion detectors, sensors, and garage door openers

Save the hassle of juggling several keys and say goodbye to keyed door systems. With our keyless deadbolt system, you won’t need to hide your keys under potted plants.

You can also create specific codes for your neighbors, visitors, and relatives. It will save you the trouble of meeting them upfront.

Our security team will install a video doorbell camera. This will allow you to view and record activity at your door front, and you can also choose to talk to visitors via a two-way voice system.

Laswell security provides a variety of sensors and motion detectors that will let you know as soon as someone tries to breach your home security.

You don’t need to worry if you have closed the garage door or not.

We provide garage door sensors to notify you if the door is left open and garage door openers to open the door from anywhere, anytime.

Our security solution also covers your outdoor sheds.

Moreover, we can outfit them with a secondary locking system or dowel if you have sliding glass doors for additional security.

Orange building with green windows

Your windows are the eyes to your house…right?

Photo by Miti on Unsplash

Inspect your exterior windows

If you have sliding glass windows with old rusty locks, any intruder can access them from the street.

Furthermore, if your basement windows don’t have any burglar bars, they can also be accessible by lurkers.

Ensure that all windows close and lock completely, this is an often overlooked step especially with older homes where windows have endured years of temperature change and are difficult to securely lock.

Check if the locks work fine on all your windows. If they don’t, your window security is really vulnerable, and you seriously need to install a foolproof home security system.

Solution: Contact, glass break, and motion detectors

Our contact sensors will notify you and the authorities if the alarm system is set and the window is not closed properly.

We also provide glass break sensors to detect if an intruder tries to break the glass.

If a burglar somehow got past the entry points, our motion detectors will pick up their movement and notify the concerned authorities instantly.

Assess fire & carbon safety

Check if you have smoke & carbon monoxide detectors installed in your house.

The smoke detectors should be installed in every room of your house.  If they’re on batteries,those should be changed every 6 months.

If you have a gas fireplace installing a carbon monoxide detector on all floors where you have gas connections is a must.

Solution: Smoke & carbon monoxide detectors

One of the most overlooked and neglected pieces of a home safety program…check those detectors!

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A smoke detector with red light

Laswell provides monitored smoke and carbon detectors. So, if any fire or smoke incident occurs in your house, the alarm will alert your family, local emergency services will be contacted, and the sensors will unlock your front door, allowing for easy escape and entry for the Fire Department.

A graphic of a flooded city

Keep your head and home above water

Check for flooding risk

Old water heaters, washers, and plumbing can quickly become susceptible to leakage.

If that happens, the risk of water damage destroying your house’s walls and flooring increases significantly.  Water is just as prone to severe damage as fire and although our home water systems don’t often give us warning, it’s crucial to monitor them.

Solution: Flood safety sensors

Our home security services also include installing flood safety sensors.

So, if a leak happens, you’ll know right away and can shut off the source before catastrophic home damage can occur.

This way, you can save thousands of dollars on repairs and avoid unsafe accidents.

Your family’s safey & security is the main reason for a home review

Happy family in the kitchen

Wellness of your loved ones

You may have an older person at your home who needs 24/7 monitoring.

There are chances that elders who have Alzheimer’s can get lost. So, providing them with security will give you a sense of relief.

In addition, knowing your children’s well-being is the priority of all parents.

You would want to know in case your little one has fallen or any member of your family is unable to reach a phone.

Does your home feature a swimming pool or hot tub? If you have children be sure to have some sort of alert system to supplement your fencing to keep them away from danger.

Solution: Fall pendants & pool security

Laswell Security services offer fall pendants to notify authorities if your loved one fell or injured themselves.

They can also press an emergency button on the pendant if they cannot reach the phone.

We also offer full pool area motion sensors and gate sensors to alert you if a young one gets too curious.

Check your outdoor lighting

Your perimeter is the first point of entry for intruders. Securing it can deter a crime before it can occur.

Trim your shrubs and bushes so intruders won’t have any place to hide.

Also, walk around the perimeter to assess your outdoor lighting system.

A well-lit exterior can be very unattractive…to would-be thieves.

Image courtesy of Depositphotos

A well lit backyard

Solution: Smart lighting system

There are many helpful ways to ward off would-be criminals, such as installing metal fences and motion sensor lights.

Laswell offers a complete lighting security system for your house, including camera systems with full night vision capabilities and a smart lighting system.

You can also control the whole lighting security system from one app or your in-home command center tablet.

Schedule your smart lighting to turn on when you are away to give an impression that you are home.

If a crime occurs on your property, make sure that your home address is visible from the street.

So, any security personnel or police can find your house quickly.

Graphic depicting home security system

Let Laswell Security & Automation take the complexities of smart home security off your plate.

Need a Home Security Solution in Louisville?

The items above give a good idea of your overall home security posture, but it’s far from an exhaustive list.  Check out our downloadable Home Security Checklist, or better yet, schedule a free, no-obligation, in-home security review with our professional team.

If you’ve found our above home security checklist helpful and feel that your home security needs upgrading, we suggest installing a robust system.

Be sure to use our tips and resources to keep your house protected.

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