Home security is not only about protecting your valuables from lurking burglars, but it’s also about making your family feel protected.

After all, there is nothing more vital than a safe and secure home.

Innovative home security systems from Laswell Security & Automation will provide you with 24/7 monitoring services for your home, property, and family.

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Home security and surveillance systems

Our integrated home security systems are fully customized for your home and combine various security options.

Not only do they detect crimes, but they also prevent them from happening.

Your home will always be protected through wireless security systems, motion sensors, lighting, smart locks, surveillance cameras, burglar alarm, and doorbell cameras.

A smart home security system not only monitors access points to your home but also tracks intruders’ behavior.

Automated technology will alert you at once via message if there is any unusual activity around or in your home.

• One central system to control •

You can now control all your devices from your home with one central HD touchscreen panel as well as your mobile phone or tablet.

It has a user-friendly and intuitive interface that makes the whole home security easy to manage.

You can arm your security system through the central system, view video surveillance footage, and speak with visitors and our customer support.

Even if the power breaks down, it will keep the home security system running.

In case you don’t have access to the central system, a secondary home security system will help you send medical and fire alerts and ask for police services.

You can also arm and disarm your security system from the panel or your mobile device.

• One smart app to detect all •

You won’t have to manage multiple apps as you can control all smart devices with a smart app.

Moreover, the app will provide you with remote access.

You can check on your garage and alarms, lock and unlock doors, and control lighting and temperature security systems from anywhere.

• Access control systems •

Nowadays, when it comes to providing security to your home, even more, it is never enough.

Access control systems for houses could be an excellent way to improve your home’s safety and for monitoring visitors.

• It gives you peace of mind •

The risk of theft is even more considerable from inside due to unrestricted access of your house to visitors. Standard doors are easily compromised.

Therefore, an access control system can give you peace of mind when you have valuable possessions in your home.

• No need for keying or rekeying •

If you have many doors or numerous access points to your house, you may find it a nuisance to carry multiple keys.

If you don’t want to carry a bunch of keys everywhere with you, install a home door entry system.

You will have the convenience of carrying a fob key, card, or biometric system.

Besides, you can set access codes and lock the door through the smart app.

• An access control system is difficult to duplicate •

Even if you lose your key card accidentally, you can be sure that replicating an access control system is very difficult.

So, this is another way that this home security system can be beneficial for you.

• Integrate with smoke alarms and security cameras •

You can also integrate access control with other home security systems such as an alarm system and security cameras.

If you are particularly looking for a small-scale access control system without intrusion detection, Laswell security system services can provide you with an easy, cost-efficient, and professional installation and ongoing support.

• Video surveillance systems & security cameras: Outdoor •

Embedded with infrared technology and night vision, the outdoor security camera provides you with 24/7 monitoring services against intruders.

It not only offers protection against lurkers but will automatically warn them away.

• Spots and scares lurkers •

The intelligent detector in the camera spots the lurker, illuminates its LED ring, and emits a loud noise to scare them away.

• You’ll get only significant notifications •

Your new smart system can discern between pets, people, and cars.

So, you’ll only receive important notifications.

In case of an emergency, we provide 24/7 security services.

Our team will be on stand-by, just a call away.

• Monitor video remotely through the app •

The smart outdoor camera will provide monitoring services where you can scan your home’s exterior and even access the video footage remotely.

• HD video surveillance with night vision •

Having a wide-angle lens, 4K HD sensors, IR vision, and a 140-degree view mean the camera catches everything from faces to license plates without sacrificing video quality.

• Hybrid wired Wi-Fi connection •

It’s easy to lose signal with wireless cameras.

Thus, you can connect the smart outdoor camera with your hybrid wired Wi-Fi system for a fast video experience and less buffering.

• Video doorbell camera •

A doorbell camera is an integral part of home security systems.

You’ll get the convenience of answering your door, talking to the visitors, and receiving activity alerts from anywhere you are.

• Protect against package theft •

The tallest and broadest of any cameras, it has a 180° x 180° view, night vision, and HD resolution to detect package thieves and warn them away with a loud noise.

• Customizable surveillance camera •

It allows you to customize settings where you can opt to protect your entire porch or a part of it.

You won’t have to face false alarms triggered by pets, cars, and pedestrians.

• Constant connectivity •

Unlike battery-powered doorbell cameras, this camera comes wired to provide constant porch protection.

• Smart speaker and video clips •

You can talk to visitors and scare away intruders with a smart speaker.

Plus, there won’t be any gaps in the footage, and video recordings won’t stop until the lurker has left.

• Thermostat control & safety alarm system •

Intelligent thermostat control can keep your home temperature regulated and comfortable while conserving energy.

It will work with your home’s sensors to adjust the temperature of your preference from anywhere you want.

• It prevents heat and cold intrusion •

The thermostat minimizes the heat transfer between the interior and exterior space or prevents cold intrusion.

Besides, it offers protection against mold and condensation.

• Control the temperature through  your app from anywhere •

You can turn on the cooling or lower the heat on the way back from work from the app.

So, your house will have a comfortable temperature when you enter it.

• Auto-adjust the temperature while sleeping •

It can also automatically adjust the temperature by lowering it while sleeping.

• Fire protection services •

The thermostat will provide fire protection services by working with carbon monoxide and smoke detectors.

It will shut down your home’s HVAC system and control the spread of flames.

In addition, it can also pair with a voice assistant to change the temperature with a voice command.

• Prevent flooding •

Before flooding can occur, the water sensors will detect leaks to avoid water damage.

It will also monitor the temperature to prevent bursting or freezing over pipes.

• Smoke & carbon monoxide detectors •

The combo of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors will alert you instantly to the harmful levels of gas.

Additionally, the alarm system will be connected with the monitoring services to send personnel in case of an emergency.

• Home security sensors for all access points •

Our security sensors will protect your home’s access points, such as windows and doors.

A burglar alarm will alert our monitoring system in case your armed system has breached any thief or intruder.

• Motion sensors for unexpected movement •

When you are away from home, any unexpected movement in the periphery of your home will trigger the safety alarm.

The motion sensors will also work with your thermostat to adjust the temperature.

• Glass break detectors •

Glass break detectors will keep your home safe and secure. You can sleep with ease with 24/7 professional monitoring.

If a window is broken, the alarm will sound, notifying our standby team immediately.

• Smart lighting control •

Our quality security systems also contain smart lighting, an excellent deterrent for burglars and intruders.

You can monitor, control and turn on lights from the app.

• LED saves energy •

The smart lighting system uses LED bulbs that will save you both on the cost and energy by consuming 75% less energy.

Besides, LEDs last far longer than standard lighting.

• Schedule the lighting when you are away from home •

Furthermore, you can set the lighting to turn on and off at various intervals so when you are away, it will look as if your home is occupied.

You can also dim the lighting with the help of the app.

• Voice assistant for controlling lights •

Moreover, Smart plugs could be integrated with a voice assistant for added convenience and safety to help you in turning the lamps on and off with just your voice.

Why is a home security system important?

Just having a home security system can act as a deterrent to crime.

According to a study, 60% of burglars opt to leave a house that has home security installed.

Not only can it detect or prevent crimes, but it can also lower the insurance premium of your house by 20% since your house is less likely to be targeted by criminals.

The home security system also saves you the replacement and damage costs as you won’t be having a break-in anytime.

With smart, automated living, you can be assured that your house will be safe and have more control over your house when you are away.

Nowadays, it’s very cost-effective to add smart features to your home security.

If you leave in a hurry, there won’t be a need to fret as you can simply control the appliances or gadgets with the help of your smartphone app.

Remotely lock the door or turn on/off the light with a touchscreen panel.

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