Custom Home Theater Rooms

Home theaters and media rooms are gaining in popularity as more and more families are choosing to entertain at home. A smart home theater system offers you the same, high quality experience as the cinema with fewer hassles.  Laswell Security & Automation takes the guesswork out of home theater installation in Louisville, KY.

A smart home theater can be integrated with other smart systems such as smart lighting and automated blinds providing you full control over your surroundings. High quality speakers surround sound or other audio system can be added for the full theater experience. Just like other smart systems, your home theater and all its components can be accessed and controlled remotely with a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Have a gamer in the family?

He or she will love the big screen, high quality sound and relaxed seating in your new media room. With a new home theater installation, your future Hall of Famer gamer is sure to be delighted.

Why a Home Theater is Right for You

Convenience – Take the hassle out of family movie night. No more looking for a parking spot, waiting in long lines, buying overpriced snacks. With a home theater room, you have all the fun of the movies in the comfort of your own home.

Break Time – Need a snack? Want to freshen up your drink? Have to use the bathroom? They won’t stop the movie at the theater but at home you have full control.

Seating You Choose – Comfort is key to any home theater. LSA can help you choose the right seating whether its theater style recliners, a traditional sectional, or individual armchairs. You’ll also need a placed to set down your drink and snack and store all your video and gaming equipment. We can help with that, too.

Gamer’s Dream – Surround sound, large screen, and detailed picture quality make playing video games a whole new experience. Immerse yourself in the game with realistic sound and imagery.

Sports Lovers Fantasy – Be a part of the action with a home theater. The sound and picture quality will make you feel like you’re on the 50-yard-line or sitting just behind the bench.

Increase the value of your home – As with any addition, a home theater system will add value to your home and help your property stand out. You can transform an unused or barely used basement or room into an active space that’s fun for the whole family.

From furniture placement, to speaker size and components, to TV mounting and placement, LSA can help you with all the aspects necessary to create the perfect home theater space. Let the experts at Laswell Security & Automation work with you to design the perfect home theater or media room. A room that satisfies both your desires and your budget.

Laswell Security & Automation is a locally owned, Louisville, KY based company and we place our responsibility for customer service and satisfaction above all else.  

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