Customer Referral Program Terms & Conditions

Referral Program

A referrer may or may not be a current LEC customer.  To receive the $50 reward for referring a new customer to LEC, the referred customer must mention the referrer’s name at the time of sale.  Once the new customer’s contract has been received, the $50 reward will be issued to the referring party via check.  If the referrer is an existing LEC monthly monitored customer a $50 credit will be issued to their account.

Once current LEC customers have referred (7) customers, they are eligible for discounted monitoring rates. To receive, the (7) referred customers must all be active accounts and in good standing.  If the number of qualified referrals drops below (7), the current customer will be notified by mail; replacement referrals must be provided within (90) days to maintain the discounted rates.  If replacement referrals are not provided within (90) days, discounts will be removed until replacement accounts are active.

Free Monitored Security for Life – billing status includes discounts on the following:

  • Basic Monitored Residential Security