Protecting Your Deliveries: A Comprehensive Guide

A thief stealing a package from a porch


In the era of online shopping, package theft has emerged as a significant concern. Laswell Security & Automation is committed to enhancing your home security to combat this growing issue.

Understanding Package Theft

Recent surveys reveal alarming statistics about package theft:

  • Over 26% of consumers have experienced package theft.
  • Single-unit residential homes are more commonly targeted.
  • The average loss per theft is approximately $81.91.
  • Despite having doorbell cameras, many victims do not recover their losses.

Infographic about porch piracy

The Rise of Porch Pirates Porch pirates are adept at identifying vulnerable packages. They often target neighborhoods with high delivery volumes and strike when homeowners are away. The pandemic-induced surge in online shopping has only exacerbated this issue, with an estimated 260 million packages stolen last year.

Community Impact Package theft doesn’t just impact individuals; it strains community trust and places financial burdens on both consumers and online retailers. Communities grapple with eroded social connections and increased mistrust among neighbors.

Prevention Strategies To outsmart porch pirates, consider the following measures:

  • Utilize tracking services for real-time updates.
  • Opt for secure delivery locations like Amazon Locker Boxes.
  • Have packages delivered to your workplace or a neighbor’s home.
  • Choose delivery options that require a signature.
  • Install advanced security systems, like video doorbell cameras.
  • Install a smart garage door opener / smart door lock allowing deliveries to be placed inside.

How Laswell Security & Automation Can Help At Laswell, we understand the importance of safeguarding your deliveries. Our range of home security solutions includes:

  • Smart garage door openers or keyless entry for deliveries.
  • Advanced video doorbell cameras with two-way communication.
  • State-of-the-art security systems tailored to your needs. A simple yard sign can sometimes be enough to deter a criminal.

Conclusion Protecting your packages requires a proactive approach. With Laswell Security & Automation, you can enhance your home security and enjoy peace of mind knowing your deliveries are safe. Visit our website to explore our innovative security solutions.

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