How to Protect Your Home During a Vacation

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April 05, 2021
by Justin Laswell

How to Protect Your Home During Vacation

When you are traveling, it usually means you will be leaving your home as an empty target. Since burglars often look for empty homes and easy targets, this is not an ideal situation to have. We will not go over a few simple steps, so when you arrive to your home it will hopefully be just as you left it.

Lock your windows and doors before you leave

Sometimes we forget the basics. Before you head out, check that all entrance points, such as your front/back doors, check your basement/patio doors, all your windows, etc. – are locked.

Avoid announcing your travel plans on social media

Burglars also have social media and use this as a tool to search for easy targets. When you post online that you will be out of town next week, posting live pictures of yourself in another state/country, this is basically telling criminals that your home is unoccupied and open for the taking. Not only should you follow this simple tip, but also have tell your children of the dangers.

Ask a trusted neighbor or friend to take care of your home

During your trip, have someone housesit or at least make random stops at your home to check on it and make an appearance that someone is home and watching the area. Simply having someone pick up the mail, turn on the lights, hang out for a few minutes, etc. allows intruders lurking around to know your home is being watched over.

Light up your home

Keep your lights on while you are gone. If someone is watching over your home, be sure to let them know to leave a couple lights on when they leave. It is also easy to do yourself, even if you are already gone, with devices that are automated or remotely controlled (ask your LSA representative about these options!).

Arm your Laswell Security monitored system

If you own a home security system, always remember to arm it. A security system installed by Laswell Security & Automation will allow you to have instant activity access via an easy-to-use app. You can also access your system remotely at any time, from anywhere to allow your neighbors entry or if you are 6 hours away and forgot to arm your system.

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